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It was Him...

Marina Pacheco

Being able to take for us the best of each person who comes into our life is essential. Learning and acquiring knowledge is a magic and enriching process. Having at our side someone who knows how to instill passion for a new world is a privilege!


And I did have this privilege at the of thirteen when I met my first singing teacher: baritone Pedro Telles.

After trying to understand what to do about being all time singing at home, my mum decided to apply to MAIORFF (Music School in Maia - Portugal) for the singing lessons of a teacher who was unknown to us.

With open heart and a huge will to learn I started studying with Pedro. There were a few years of sharing, encouragement, dedication, unconditional commitment and a strong conviction of a promising future for me. That's how I remember all his lessons and everything he taught me about music and about being a good human being. Concepts as professionalism, integrity, perseverance and determination were the motto of each class. The challenge was launched by him: "You're going to be a professional opera singer!" With shiny eyes and touched by the demanding circumstances inherent to this artistic path, I accepted the challenge.

I learned! I grew up! I saw dreams come true! I believed him; I believed in myself! He allowed me to fly away from his "nest" at the right time and I got admitted at the superior institution I wanted to... I did it! We did it! 

 And today I look back and I feel so GRATEFUL because Pedro crossed my life. And better... because he stayed! He is one of the most important people to me: he listens to me, he is a good friend, he gives me advices and he is a stage colleague... of many stages.

Thank you Pedro Telles!