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When "my people" are not in the audience...

Marina Pacheco

@ Krystallenia Photography

@ Krystallenia Photography


I sing inspired, happy, fulfilled ... The lights beating my face, the energy on stage whispering good emotions to make me keep going with all surrender... I absorb every fraction of a second of each moment I fully live on stage... The piece ends, that happiness fulfills me completely, the applauses pop - some more sincere than others, but there in the middle they are not distinguishable - and that compliment delights me. The lights of the room turn on, I manage to recognize the faces on the audience... Or maybe not...

Unfortunately not always I can count on "my people" on the other side: some concerts are far away; sometimes work do not allow the presence of those I love; some people have already listened to me and feel they did their job already (they don't understand the distinct magic of each unique project I take on stage); some friends forget; some colleagues get sick, others get lazy... I can't find that smile "of mine" from the audience at the end of the concert! The lights shut down, I change clothes in the dressing room, I get out from artists door, nobody waiting... I don't have the right of getting "my" hug in the end!

I enclose myself in an inner smile which warms me. I feel that bittersweet happiness of being living a fantasy that suddenly has ceased to be and became reality... That reality which adjusts the dreams in the best way...

"My people" are not always there...