Since ever I knew my path would be through classical music, in a sublimer area and also more demanding.

Perhaps because I’m from an extremely work committed family, in a very devoting posture and implacable towards failure, soon I realized I would chose a demanding career, being as well self-demanding. I’m really tough with myself and truly focused; maybe a bit too much when concerning failure and issues in which I can be better. As everything in life balance is crucial when we talk about managing our career.

In this professional path as an Opera Singer I soon realized that education is continuous and non-ending. There is always something to learn and each lesson is a discovery. It is fascinating to have a singing lesson. To be an Opera Singer means being a high competition athlete in this classical music concept. To take care of body and voice demands attention with everything and being conscious about this long-term care with daily practicing. And the cherry on the top of the cake is to have a great singing lesson with somebody who as something to add to what we already built.

In these last years I didn’t have the chance to take all singing lessons I would love to. Those who work as Opera Singers know how expensive it can be; not only the lesson in itself but also the related expenses, once teachers don’t live near us. How wonderful it would be!

Nevertheless I’ve been gifted for many times already with extreme altruism gestures. Few teachers already refused payment and that is one of the most beautiful proofs of consideration and admiration meaning a great incentive to keep my path.

Naturally for confidential reasons I will not reveal names. These people know exactly who they are. Once they feel their work is a mission they don’t need any kind of publicity.

One of these teachers didn’t know me when he gave me the first lesson and refused payment (normally this happens after being a more regular student). I thanked him sincerely and his honest answer was:

“This is my mission and I don’t need money at this time. Take my advices and keep them. This is the best I can give you.”

Being an Opera Singer is not only to sing and be on stage; it is to have the chance to learn vocal art and technique and also learn what’s altruism in its real essence.

To all those who left me speechless, to all who encouraged me to keep going, being demanding and also validating my qualities: Thank you!

by Marina Pacheco

[Photo: Krystallenia Photography]