An individual who expresses himself through art.

A singer, a dancer, a painter, a writer, a sculptor, a photographer, anyway, we all have an artistic spark.

Art has always mirrored the present world and has always existed to shock, to provoke emotions. Make us think if what already exists cannot be improved or even modified.

We Artists, have been given a mission: to keep providing moments of reflection, sensitive moments, which touch those who are perhaps asleep; or inspire and give encouragement to so many others who try, as we do, to create. Each one, the mirror of the other.

More than anything, art is for me the true connection of the human soul to its individual. Everything can be replaced, except our power to express feelings; something so precious and so neglected.

It is up to us, Artists, to continue to remind the human being of his true essence.

But until we get to true art, the road is rather arduous. Not because we may not have inspiration or willpower, but because by exposing ourselves to others so much – allowing all sorts of opinions and considerations -, we are also calling into question our own art, our own sensitivity. It is a continuous and ad eternum process.

In the little and humble experience I’ve been acquiring about my art, singing is much more than “working out the voice”. It is also to “work out” the confidence, the conscience, the intelligence. It is to know how to handle ourselves and control our ability with extreme concentration. It is to know how to do an almost-superhuman emotional management, because just as a mother understands a child’s concern only by the sound of his voice, so the audience will understand. Whether you are a good connoisseur or not, you have the ability to feel. And when so it is, each one will judge by the way he feels.

Anyway, a lot more could be said, because being an Artist is a world of meanings. For me, more than singing, it is a blessing to be able to live for art and for a greater good: the preservation of our true essence.

by Mariana Sousa 

Mezzo-soprano. Nature and Creative Writing Lover; Preserver of the Past, always with vision into the Future. @marianasousa.mezzo.