“Todo cambia” was the last music of this powerful show called “Canções para Revoluções”.

It took place for the first time in 2017 at Praça do Comércio in Lisboa, on April. Because on the 25th April Portugal celebrates  the Liberty Day, this performance was promoted to mark and honor this date . The performance wanted to present revolutionary songs from different countries and joined on stage singers from different styles and from Iberian Peninsula.

It is indeed a powerful performance, which invites the audience to sing with us, once they recognize the songs which became popular in its revolution times.

“Todo Cambia” has a beautiful message and we sang it all together in the end of the performance. This performance will always bring us special memories and we heartly desired it could be repeated.

And it was so magic to do it again in May 2019 at Parque Urbano do Seixal. It was wonderful the revival. It was lived with full heart and huge smiles in our faces. We shiver every time we go on stage and we feel the power of these messages, of these lyrics…

But my love doesn’t change

no matter how far away I find myself

neither the memory nor the pain

of my country and my people


What changed yesterday

will have to change tomorrow

Just as I change

in this foreign land


Changes, everything changes” – translation of the last verses of “Todo Cambia”


It was a special feeling for me once I sang with famous singers from different musical styles. It is wonderful to make music altogether with our specificities and no judgement. We are only making music the best we know and no one is less or more. We are different and we are being unique. Music is music, independent from the way we perform it. Art is art independent from our perspective.

And we were really happy then! And so was the audience.

2017 & 2019 [José Frade & Pedro A. Santos]

Thanks to:

Actor and Singers: André Gago, António Zambujo, Lura, Mário João Alves, Silvia Perez Cruz, Uxia, Vitorino

Conductor: Cesário Costa

Orchestras: Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa and Orquestra Sinfonietta de Lisboa and Combo

Choirs: Coro Lisboa Cantat and Coro do Maio

Production: Produtores Associados, José Morais and Luís Varatojo

Organization: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa and Câmara Municipal do Seixal

A special thanks to all the people involved in the production, all staff, every single person who made this possible.

See you next time…

by Marina Pacheco

[Photo: José Frade]