Many years ago, when I was a child, I was invited to represent Portugal in 37th Zecchino d’Oro singing a song by Vítor Dias (artistic director and conductor of Coro de Pequenos Cantores da Maia, to which I belonged).

Naturally I wasn’t nervous at all, although I was aware this was an unique opportunity. The program is mythical, the conductor at that time – Mariele Ventre – was a very sweet person and I was assiduous spectator of the show at home through our Portuguese TV RTP. Well, I felt privileged (there’s more to say about this whole adventure, but I’ll do it in next post…)!

Dreaming took me further and the Universe wanted me to be chosen in 1994 to perform “La Canzone” – Portuguese title: “Esta é uma canção de embalar”. The song was beautiful, appropriated and ended with a good classification.

The whole experience was absolutely memorable and I keep it in my heart and memory, crying frequently when I remember such beautiful and innocent times. I learned some of the magic of recording studios, live broadcasts, photoshoots… everything behind a production of this scale. It is a concept that continues today and will last!

From all the beautiful things I’ve lived in this period (I’ve still been in Italy for two months, if I’m not wrong.), I keep the lyrics and melody of one of the songs of that year which should make us think about it every day. It was called “Goccia dopo goccia” (“Drop by drop”) and was sweetly performed by 3 Italian kids, whom I keep in my heart and keep contact through social platforms (the good things about internet!).

May we reflect. Here I share the beautiful and special message:

What is a drop of water if you think about the sea

A small pomegranate seed

A green grass yarn in a large meadow

A drop of dew, what is it?

A step of a child, a note alone,

A sign above a verse, a word?

Someone says NOTHING but it’s not true

Why? Do you know why?


Drop by drop a river is born

Step by step we go further

One word only and a song is born

From a  HI said at random a new friendship;

And if a voice alone is barely heard

Joining with others makes a choir

And anyone can sing even if out of tune

From nothing, nothing is born: that’s it.


It’s not important if we’re not big as the mountains.

What matters is being together

To help those who can not

Drop by drop…


Drop by drop a river is born

And a thousand yarns of grass make a meadow

One word only and this is a song

From a HI said at random another friendship

Step by step we go further 

You reach ten because you know how to count

A large skyscraper starts from a brick


From nothing, nothing is born, that’s it.


We’re all together: that’s it.

From nothing, nothing is born: that’s all.

Goccia dopo Goccia | 37º Zecchino D’Oro

by Marina Pacheco

[Photo: Krystallenia Photography]