An ambiguous sensation invades me whenever I travel. I feel I’m going to get to know the World, experience new things, discover places. All this leaving behind my space, my family and my friends. They are life options that are harder than we ever imagined.

I realize that I’m losing my world: I’m not there at birthdays, at the festivities, at parties organized to get friends together, at those moments when my people need a hug… or when I need a hug.

Sometimes I wonder the paradox of all this; I question the crudity which lies behind these magic moments that I live on stage.

Losing my world hurts deep; knowing the other side of my career and living it provides me with huge happiness and personal fulfillment..

It wouldn’t be possible to feel it differently: art is emotion, it is surrender, it is giving… and it is feeling happiness in that offering. They are options… One has to try to understand how to handle it…

by Marina Pacheco

[Photo: Krystallenia Photography]