I often receive requests for advices, tips and some guidance from younger people who want to pursue this career that I have chosen to embrace as a way of life.

Because I think it can eventually echo among all of us in the area (and not only), I decided to share some of my ideas and way of being, in a perspective that has been shaping with life and experience.

1. Each one of us has his own value. We are different from each other and that’s why we already have our identity and we don’t need to compare ourselves with anyone. Some will like it, others won’t! Above all, it is essential to respect who we are and to love our characteristics;

2. Do not judge (neither the person next to you nor ourselves). Each one has his own path, has his own growth and has a place in the world. We are not machines, we are human beings and many emotions run through our veins;

3. Learn from others. If possible, always work with someone better than you and absorb with the greatest gratitude the opportunity to grow and be a little better every day than the day before (and no better than another human being !!!);

4. Listen to your own intuition. There will be a lot of goodwill (#not) and many advices. The last word and the last vibration to resonate comes from YOUR INNER SELF;

5. Understand and get to know the environment in which you move. Respect each and every person you work with and learn to understand who to trust (when in doubt, don’t trust immediately);

6. This teaching comes from my mother: “Don’t justify yourself. Your friends don’t need explanations and your enemies don’t believe it”. Govern your path by respect, ethics and integrity and you will always reach the end of the day with a clear conscience;

7. Believe in yourself and NEVER lose the enchantment with your Art;

8. Guide your entire journey by the keyword LOVE. Love for You, for the Person next to you, for your Profession, for the Audience, for the Stage, for Art, for Life.

It’s just this…

by Marina Pacheco

[Photography: Emilie Lauwers]