I bought this book so many years ago and sometimes I pick it up just to read one of the many interviews it has on it. “Great singers on great singing” is a wonderful book indeed.

There are forty interviews to famous opera singers and all about the technique of singing.

The author is Jerome Hines, hisself a famous opera singer as well. He wrote on his Preface:

“A successful operatic career requires much more than a fine natural voice. It calls for a good, clear intellect, dogged determination, and a great capacity for self-denial. Many people have the misconception that opera singers as a whole do not have to be very bright. As a result of conducting the interviews compiled in this book, I have been forced to the conclusion that singers who have achieved long and successful careers are very intelligent people as a whole. They may not be intellectuals in the academic sense, but I found them to be just plain smart and, contrary to common opinion, they know very clearly what they are doing when they sing.”

I do suggest this book as we can learn a lot and get inspired.

by Marina Pacheco