Many times I come across situations of pure evil; words and feelings that spoken at us with cruelty by simple pettiness, envy, inability to take faults or just because …

And there are so many situations I could report. I am aware that the world will always have people who are less correct, unscrupulous, and who rejoice in hurting others.

Throughout my professional career I experienced several moments of gratuitous malice about myself or my colleagues; moments that are very unusual sometimes, disrespectful and surprisingly misplaced.

However -given what I’ve being told and taught since I was a child, and the person I became and the patterns of behavior that I intend to continue to have – I dare to add to the saying “Love is repaid with love” (an expression we use a lot in my country, Portugal): “Hate is repaid with Love.”

Otherwise I foresee a world where revolt predominates; misunderstanding, anger and pain prevail.

I never wished, or wish, or will wish anything bad to those who act like this. However, this does not mean I will allow these gestures and attitudes. There is, therefore, my key word: DISTANCE.

My well-being needs to be, and must be a priority. And whenever possible I’ll try to keep myself away from these people who base their attitudes in grudge and evil.

Hate only promotes hate and I still believe in a world steamed by LOVE.

by Marina Pacheco

[Photo: Krystallenia Photography]