It is so good to travel, to get to know the world, to live different realities… It is wonderful to do what I love while traveling… to discover  corners of the Earth which otherwise I wouldn’t get to visit…

I love to share my experiences with other people who I will probably only see once in my life; but in those moments that we spend together they will certainly give me new concepts, new dreams and new truths. Dreaming is indispensable! Living in plenitude is essencial! Singing combines these both premises!

Not stagnating in any way is the epigraph of a way of living which allows us to explore the universe physically and spiritually. Many things from which we have no real perception revolve around us. People do not cross our path by mere chance. Everything has a reason, although we do not always really understand it.

I chose this career and its universe chose me! Because I have the strength, the claw, the determination, but also the necessary fragility, the sensitivity and the questioning capacity in a world full of emotions and surrender!

by Marina Pacheco

[photo taken in Colombia after Festival de Música CiMa]