Lucas Meacham is a wonderful American baritone who besides singing all over the world has an interesting and really useful Blog for Singers.

While doing some researches on internet about this kind of support material for opera singers and trying to get even more inspired to keep my blog idea to another level of information and found out Meachem’s Blog and got delighted.

Here I share The Baritone Blog convinced it will be a source of good advices, important explanations and lots of worthwhile ideas.

Thank you very much Lucas Meachem for being so inspiring as a singer and as a person (not all would be so altruistic).

For you who are reading this article please visit The Baritone Blog and enjoy it.

“There is no formula for starting a career in opera. There is no step-by-step program to get you to the professional level at which you want to be in your career. There are no guarantees and no fail-proof approaches to becoming a professional opera singer even after investing in years of voice study and education. It’s tough and it’s brutal but it’s the truth.

Now, I didn’t say it’s impossible.” – Lucas Meachem | baritone

by Marina Pacheco

[Photo: Krystallenia Photography]