I often feel that we are all looking for immediate solutions for every situation. We want everything NOW, rushing to live life … We want magic potions full of answers that make our wishes come true. We want more and more. And everything as soon as possible.

In this profession, as in so many others, we aim to achieve dreams, based on outlined goals in order to give our best and feel the recognition of our effort, dedication and tremendous commitment.

I have lived moments in which I received unexpected gifts from the universe; I went through others longing for more; and others feeling totally stuck and with no work. 🛑

And here it is … We are never stopped. Art allows a constant evolution, even in the moments when we are more time away from stage. This is because everything feeds us, allows us to evolve, allows us to learn more and more. And this learning often comes from very different areas, but which one day later will make so much sense.

We are many things. As artists, then, we must be many things and open horizons, without prejudice.

TODAY I can say that I know the World and many worlds … I can say that I have a shelf full of lived experiences and others observed and that offer me a panoply of tools for every moment I am on stage and I intend to offer different emotions.

The secret?! THE MAGIC POWDER, which is simply GRATITUDE. Being grateful for every moment that allows us to grow, absorb and polish the diamond that each one of us has inside us.

Gratitude creates more reasons to be grateful. And in the end, everything will always make sense!

by Marina Pacheco

[Photo: Krystallenia Photography]