There are passions which are so intrinsic that make us believe everything is worth it… They provide pain, fight, sacrifice, dedication, persistence and an immeasurable love. The idea of not living it make us feel sick!

As so many other people, I have a passion like this… I surrender to many things; I face fears; I overcome barriers and I question everything which interferes with the possibility of living it.

I am privileged because I know what it is to be in love! I know what it is to have strength and courage to go after a dream or a desire or a visceral need. And often it becomes even harder because it is almost unattainable… But passions get this power of being passions because they demand all this from us!

I feel a living impression within me every time the moment to live it is approaching! Craving to be happy, to forget the world and to enjoy each moment… Each sound, each word, each gesture, each breath, each silence…

Because the Stage is my world! This is my biggest passion!

by Marina Pacheco

[Photo: Krystallenia Photography]