NYIOP is an entity which promotes Opera Auditions. The main characteristic here is that NYIOP organizes a full panel of agents or intendants to attend one single audition at a time. This works wonderfully well once it allows the singer to focus in on audition and in one travel or accommodation, which at the end represents less costs. And we have to speak about costs because being an opera singer requires lots of expenses (that would made another post!)

I did once an audition with NYIOP (mine was ion Germany) and I must say it was so well organized that I immediately thought “Wow! They know how to do it from step to step!”.

In fact, I arrived on time (as they suggested many times by e-mail and SMS), I had my proper time to warm up in a room just for me and I was called on stage with few minutes advance just to prepare myself properly. I didn’t have to wait for hours and didn’t get to listen to many singers before me, which is something always a bit uncomfortable that promotes comparison and  can make us feel more the nervous.

And so it ended up being a wonderful experience, allowing me to present myself to many different agents and intendants.

A few days after I received also an e-mail with the list of all professionals who were listening to me and once again NYIOP showed they know how to do it very well.

I do recommend you to do an audition through NYIOP! www.nyiop.com 

And let me know how was your experience.


by Marina Pacheco

[Photo: NYIOP Logo]