In 2010/2011 I was a member of Vlaamse Operastudio in Belgium. I learned a lot, I performed in different concerts and I got wonderful advices.

In their entrance hall there was this beautiful teaching in the wall. It was given by Vera Rózsa, who was an opera singer with a powerful story of life. She got know has the mother of the stars once she taught many famous opera singers and was an expertise in vocal technique.

Here I transcribe those powerful words:

“Good, sensitive ears: at least as important as the voice. Good health. Imagination. Willpower. Good nerves to be able to face possible failures. Musicianship. Power of communication. Knowledge of an instrument, apart from your voice. At least two languages to speak, or read and pronounce well. No stage fright or great control of it. An artistic temperament. Concentration. Dramatic ability. Personality. Good taste. A total devotion to your profession. Extrovert on the stage, however you are in real life.

A heart of fire. A brain of ice. – Vera Rózsa (16.05.1917 – 15.10.2010)

To know more about Vera Rózsa, see the documentary Vera Rózsa: Mother of the stars.

by Marina Pacheco

[Photo: Krystallenia Photography]