Sometimes the world gives us proof that things don’t happen by chance… Coincidences?! Yes, it is possible… but there are moments when it is truly hard to be so disbelieving that willpower and good energies which surround us can make move the universe.

Still a student at Bachelors, I really wanted to do a summer course – a specific singing workshop – with two weeks duration, in Switzerland… I took my savings, but the money wasn’t enough and I really wanted to go… It was a very good masterclass with a teacher with whom I dreamed to learn one day… The application’s deadline was almost there and the amount of money necessary was considerable to be possible, in such short time, to get the money that was still missing.

There was not much I could do and five days to the payment’s deadline we got a post mail at home addressed to my mother, whose sender was a Bank. Curious was fact that she had no longer an account on that bank and the last time she had it was for a loan for the house where we lived when I was a little baby, in Lisbon, around 20 years ago. Changing house and life, she also changed Bank.

Must say the letter came to our new home – new address – in a city 300km away from Lisbon. Considering that a mere confusion from the Bank, once my mum was not a client anymore, we went together to one of its counters to understand what was the subject. For some lapse the account hadn’t been closed and some money got stored there… Some… Precisely the amount I needed to the course I wanted to do with all my soul… Yes… The coincidences!

May we all pay more attention to the signs of life, of the universe and of nature… And above all to our thoughts, the ones we desire and visualize. I could go! And I was so happy!


by Marina Pacheco

[photo taken at Ticino Musica with Luciana Serra]