Silence is all in itself. Silence clarifies. Purifies. Allows maturity.

As in music, in life silence is as important as sound. Maybe more. The best answers come in the  silence. The best sounds start from the silence. It is an art!

Through time we end up realizing that words are an addiction. Sometimes we talk more than we should, we exteriorize too much and we overexpose ourselves. It is magic when we reach the stage where we have no need to tell, to vent or to expose everything. Friends don’t need that and enemies feed on it.

Many times silence has more power than words. And it is so fulfilled of wisdom as words. As Beethoven said:

“Never break a silence if it is not to improve it.”

It is much more immediate to find ourselves in silence!

And more intense to allow other people to get to know us from our silence!

It is so much more magic the soundtrack we create after a silence…


Shh… silence is Music!

by Marina Pacheco

[Photo: Krystallenia Photography]