Me and Music, particularly Singing: as far back in time as I remember, I always loved to sing. As I am shy, this was the way I found to try to overcome that obstacle.

When I was a teenager I had this dream I knew was unreal to become a singer (pop singer). Of course at that time I had no idea to choose Music as a career. How would I survive? And more important my parents wouldn’t allow. But I kept singing  for my pleasure, I knew all hit songs. I had some knowledge of the great classical composers, but that was not the path I was considering at that time.

In the mid 70’s (last century) I was fortunate to be an element of a Band dedicated to traditional Portuguese and foreign music. That I was the first step: I learned how to sing in harmony with other people.

Later, in 1986, I joined a sacred music choir. That was a new open door! I got amazed with what could be done with voices, what the great Masters teach us. I grew up in knowledge. At the same time I was a member of a Fado (traditional Portuguese music) and Songs Ensemble from the Bank where I worked. My shyness started to disappear and while practising music I became a better human being,

Through the choir – where I still belong – I got to know few opera singers. I was amazed, in love and I asked myself “Why not to try some lessons? Just for the pleasure of singing.”  And so I did it.

The baritone Pedro Telles was and still is my mentor ever since. With his advices and patience I followed a path sometimes difficult (as there was a lot to improve) and realizing there was so many things to learn.

Singing is my hobby, which I practice with passion and lucidity, always with the aim of improving, only for my pleasure. And also for those who listen to me, once God has gifted me and Pedro Telles helped to get better.

Through singing I had the privilege to meet young singers, among them Pedro and Marina. God knew what He was doing when He put them into my life.

by Filomena Santos

Mezzo-soprano and Music Lover. Born and living in Porto, Portugal. Bank worker. Studying singing (free course) with baritone Pedro Telles. Alt at Coro de S. Tarcísio since 1986.