I was a kid when my mom decided to offer me a different vacation. Away from the city, where I have always lived, and in a different country. In a castle in Luxembourg, I had the chance to be in contact with nature, with people of different nationalities and with a reality different from what I was familiar with.

Through an entity connected to spiritual evolution and work, we were installed in the Castle itself and developed a daily process of self-care, healthy routines, contact with agriculture, with life stories of different people who were there with the same purpose: work on our “me” and absorb the best the world has to offer.

In that diverse and inspiring daily contact, I had the opportunity to meet and get on touch, over the long days we spent there, with a relatively young lady and her daughter who was around 10 years old. I was a little older, but I played a lot with her. I know they were Spanish, that they had an easy smile and that the mother wore a scarf on her head to hide the lack of hair. It didn’t take long until we discover that she was facing cancer at an advanced stage and that the cure was not a possibility.

Despite the drama of the situation, I remember that I didn’t feel that emotional. Today I question whether it was innocence and practicality that spoke louder or if it was what I believe to be a conscience that is intrinsic to us and that they try to remove during the growth in society: that life are cycles and are not the same for everyone, because we chose them before coming to this world. It is a delicate subject, even controversial, but the fact is that I was not anxious about it, feeling only a great affection and desire to enjoy every moment with those people.

In one of the castle rooms there was a keyboard and, of course, children and teenagers were prowling around looking for a space to enjoy it. And then, suddenly, I am alone and I had the opportunity sing a lot – my connection to singing came since I was little, having participated in a program for RAIUNO in 1994, when I was only 8 years old.

I decided to sing a song that I loved, not only for the melody, but also for the message: “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. I was involved in my technical questions of imperfection here, imperfection there, when the door opened and I saw the lady with the soft-color-scarf s on her head and a sweet smile on her face. She put her hand on her chest in the place of the heart and said to me “Thank you! Thank you!”. Speechless and with a smile on my soul, I realized that there is much more than just “singing”. Also at that moment I woke up to the impact that my professional choice could have and how I could touch others with total commitment and truth in my Singing.

I never heard from her again, I lost contact with the girl too. I believe her soul is listening to “Somewhere over the Rainbow” in a room with a piano somewhere in “heaven” …

by Marina Pacheco

[Photography: Carlos Moreno]