Artists are the soul of the world. They have the power to awaken our most sensitive side and make us think in a deeper way.

More than entertaining the artist has a vital role in society, once it is through him we be able to exorcize our ghosts from our ordinary life. The artist sustains society with his art giving sense, offering meaning, reason and emotion.

We should be conscious about the role of an artist in society and it is bigger than what he represents on stage. World problems cannot be solved by the artist and his art, however I’m sure it is through him that these problems can be portrayed and we can see the sadness and happiness of human beings.

Artists function is present in everyday life. But only the artist knows exactly how to feel, to see, how is the shape, the material, the value and wonder for each creation. Only artists know how to live intensely his art. If we stop to think and watch many different artists we come to the conclusion that it is a gift!

Result: works which fill our eyes and make us reflect. They bring sensation, observations and memories.

Should we value the artist today, should we value his present moment work. Many of them are already gone and left us their legacy, being value much time later.

Honor, go, watch! Cheers to Art! Cheers to the Artist!

[Photo: Krystallenia Photography]

by Rute Gomes

Assiduous spectator at opera performances. Born in Cabo Verde; living and studying in Portugal. Passions: to write, to read, listening to music and going to concerts.