Normally by the end of concerts we are offered beautiful bunches of flowers. And I’m always so grateful to receive them. Flowers are beautiful, smell good and have wonderful colors.

I confess I usually offer them; friends, family or any special person who comes and sees me at a concert are the people who I’m always thankful for.

There was this time when I was in Germany for a tour and I was offered the biggest bunch of flowers ever… It was so amazing! I will remember it forever… However I couldn’t take it with me.. I had a plane to catch and there was no way I could bring inside the plane such a huge offer (it would have made me buy another seat!!! Believe me, it was immense and immensely beautiful!). So I decided to let it at my hotel room with a small paper with some words to the satff… They were just great with me, preparing me breakfast one day that I had to leave around four o’clock in the morning. Yes, there are inspiring people all around the world.

But this all makes me think that flowers will only be in my memories, because they die days after (ok, you can dry some kind of flowers but the colors, the energy and the beauty are not the same at the end).

But there was one concert I gave at a Glass Museum in Portugal that ended up becoming a magic surprise. Not only I had magnificent glass works on stage embellishing my recital, but also I was offered a single glass flower that I keep till today at home. What a delicate, special gift! Every time I look at it I remember all the bunch of flowers I received.

by Marina Pacheco

[Photo: The glass flower]