There are days when a paradox of emotions sets in. A desire to go after dreams, wishing to go higher, aiming achievements… On the other hand: doubt, some inertia, fear of failure and inability to believe with full heart.

The truth is that a step forward allows us to start getting out of the place we are and no longer want to be… regardless whether we need more and more steps after that, as I shared in the post Drop by drop… Step by step…. A starting point is always necessary and not always the simplest. It’s like going to the gym: it’s hard to start, but gradually we start getting some results and it becomes as salutary as indispensable.

It’s not possible to live in an impasse of disbelieve in myself and what surrounds me. It doesn’t suit me, it doesn’t match with the world where everything revolves… It’s just not me!

I ambition new projects, new stages, new achievements… want to be complete in everything I do! I long to live my life, my career, my dream in full joy… and to be happy!

by Marina Pacheco

[Photo: Krystallenia Photography]