In 2018, after a day full of rehearsals in Coimbra for a project with Orquestra Clássica do Centro – about which I wrote in the article OCC Project: “Na Música todos contam” – I had the pleasure to meet a fantastic group of people.

They were running all over Portugal holding the Torch of Peace, which I had the honor to hold for some minutes while listening to these people names and origin countries. There were so many nationalities! All wanted to keep alive this world spreading concept based in love, hope, peace and oneness ideals.

It was created by Sri Chinmoy who believed sports could work as a tool for promoting global harmony. Then arose the Oneness-Home Peace Run, whose ideal is that by passing the torch from one person to another, this will allow people from many nations to express their hopes and dreams for a better and brighter future.

Unexpectedly I had this opportunity and was asked to offer this group – whose people were already tired after many hours running and sharing the Torch – the best I could: and so I sang for them a capela “Over the rainbow”. And what a beautiful, powerful moment we all had together.

There are moments we can’t describe properly… feeling is the only way to live them. And I’m so grateful for this experience.

Let’s all make a better world. Let’s all use our talents as artists to spread love, hope and peace.

Please visit: Peace Run!

by Marina Pacheco

[Photo: Peace Run]