Takis S. Hasapis wrote this meaningful quote in his book “Selected ideas”.

This should be a motto of working life for singers.

In fact we tend to feel urgency about getting there, about reaching our goals, about feeling at our best. I don’t think I know any career that is so hard to make one feel THERE.

And this is because there’s always a way to improve, there’s always something to learn and there’s always a new experience in one’s daily life to bring on stage.

What a challenge!

What I realize is that we are pushed to be THERE as soon as we can. But the reality is that we are unique beings with our own characteristics and willing – sometimes unconsciously – to pursue and achieve certain purpose which is maybe not our real purpose and not our perfect time.

What has to be ours will come to us! And that’s for sure. And sometimes it will come bigger than we thought.

Easy?! Not at all… but full of passion and dedication and confidence in ourselves and our beautiful skills.

And always guided by the same word-key: Quality!

by Marina Pacheco

[Photo: Zute Lightfoot Photography]