As I wrote in my post Drop by drop… step by step…, the story of my trip to Italy and participation at 37º Zecchino D’Oro contains sub-stories which bring wonderful memories.

Since I was a child I knew my mum’s passion for Italy; she lived there before I was born, she loved the culture, the people, the food, the nooks… Well, I remember as if it was now listening to my mum delighted describing the passion for that country.

It was so intense and genuine that I put in my mind one day I would take her back in Italy!

I was a little girl full of dreams and an immense respect for others’ dreams… I was educated like this, I had examples at home, so it is easy to understand that this desire to make surprises and help others to reach their dreams begun in childhood.

Instilling in me the sense of responsibility, I was a little girl when my mum gave me a piggy bank to which she contributed with a little coin from time to time. A symbolic way to help me learn how to organize my stuff.

What did I do? I started counting the pennies so I could have enough money to take my mum to Italy. Innocence! I wanted it so much, I truly believed I could and my mum was delighted with my constant statements: “I’ll take you to Italy!”, “One day you will be back!”, …

Do not doubt about the power of the mind, the will power and desiring everything good with full heart…

One day, when I was 8 years old – and member of Pequenos Cantores da Maia (a children choir in the city I lived) – I was invited to represent Portugal at 37ª Zecchino D’Oro, in Italy and naturally I had to be accompanied by an adult: my mother.

Given all the production process it was still a considerable period staying in Italy with little tours in between, as it was example Venice.

From then on, beyond having done my promise and being really happy about it, I also started talking about Italy completely fascinated… For years I watched Italian TV at home, absorbed its culture in many ways, read books in Italian and ended up in a career as an opera singer from which I breath Italian culture as well!.

Che bello!

My performance at 37º Zecchino D’Oro

by Marina Pacheco

[photo taken in Venice in 1994]