The voice, that divine instrument that is given to the human being, is perhaps the most natural and at the same time complex instrument of all.

After more than two decades of musical studies I confess I start to realize only now how this genius, enchanting and sensitive machine works.

This sensitiveness arouse me to the difficulty of understanding those who use this amazing apparatus on stage through the virtue of art and to that as profession. If even a great musician and conductor in a long time career sometimes struggles when it takes to understand the physiological necessities of a singer, what would say a layperson?

Physical and mental health are necessary to the good and total functioning of the voice at the time of the performance. And sometimes it seems to be singers’ “dullness” or “weirdness” in the eyes of the colleagues, spectators ou even musical institutions.

Caring about good dressing rooms, good diet, shorter rehearsals and less repetitions in some specific parts, good ventilated accommodations, well climatized rehearsal rooms, flights and travels less tiring: all this is indispensable in order to promote a good performance.

In my point of view this would be the deserved respect for these artists who take to others the such special and pure sound of vocal chords.

by Johann Ahl

German-brasilian conductor living in Germany. Music teacher and film composer.