There is a silence broken by the word, emotions and music that stretches in a calming scene. A trip in a paper boat. Back on the stage there were panels which allude to sea painted tiles; in the interpreter’s dress some details of a bird that sometimes seems free in a process of total harmony with the possible trips of Lemuria.

I remember this moment … With the sound of the piano, soprano Marina Pacheco makes vibrate in the air the peculiarities of her voice. Something touches us. It allows to enter into a space of introspection, of well-being but at the same time of inconstancy, just as if you were sailing a boat along an ocean, still to be found.

In this moment I sailed… I believe that music is precisely the collection of these memories, these pieces that later inspire us and make us become who we are today. The voice is a reflection of these memories: of what we are, of what we absorb, of what we learn, of experiences, of people. Mine has grown with these moments and with the heart of this great person.

Being able to transmit states of abstraction and reflection contributes to personal and above all emotional enrichment, helping to enhance knowledge, sensitivity and aesthetic acuity for the future. The voice is what we want to offer the audience, as a moment of sharing from all these enriching experiences the one that marks us for life, causing the voice of other people to sail to other seas, other thoughts, or even to express through singing.

Quoting Gibran Khalil Gibran “Your body is the harp of your soul: The voice intends to draw from it melodious music or dissonant noises” … personally, I consider that the voice represents the moment, the word and what lives in me. Without borders and always holding hands with life and with the face of someone who listens.

by Maria João Domingues

Born in Vila Nova de Gaia in 1996. Currently finishing her Masters in Musical Education – Choral Conducting at Universidade do Minho. Teacher at Musical Education, Ensemble and Childhood Project Classes at Academia de Música Fortaleza in Valença.