Moments like this, when we live in a pandemic, lead us to introspection … I believe the world is afraid to stop and to have time to reflect and realize that there are steps to be taken and behaviors to change. Taking care of Ourselves, taking care of Others, taking care of Nature, taking care of our most precious thing we have – Health – is respecting Life! May all this serve to reconsider priorities in our life and live only under the same concept every second: LOVE.

May we put our best dreams into practice, may we be more altruistic, may we have the ability to admire, care and love everything around us … May we live in gratitude!
THANK YOU to everyone who is and will be at the frontline and to those who will use this opportunity as a way of personal growth, because together we all grow, even more.

When I was little, I saw my most unbelievable dreams come true, because I surrendered myself to the world and to its beautiful side with the genuine strength of a little girl who did not believe in less good people. I still keep the words of the songs that were sung in one of the strongest programs on Italian television – Zecchino d’Oro – which brought together children from all over the world. I was there – representing my country, they say – just like all of them, just learning, through songs, a few more teachings for life. Curiously from Italy, I brought these verses in my head, heart and lips:

“E se una voce sola si sente poco
Insieme a tante altre diventa un coro
E ognuno può cantare, anche se stonato
Dal niente nasce niente, questo sì

Non è importante se non siamo grandi
Come le montagne
Quello che conta è stare tutti insieme
Per aiutare chi non ce la fa”

About these lyrics I wrote more in this post: “Drop by drop… Step by step…”.

See you now, Stage! A special hug to my friends and colleagues who are also experiencing this moment in a delicate way.

by Marina Pacheco

[Photography: Krystallenia Photography]