“What the fach” – Definitive Guide for Opera Singers Auditioning and Working in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland is a wonderful book.

Written in 2007 by opera singer Philip Shepard it is kind of a bible for those who want to work in these German-speaking countries. It is a detailed orientation, which involves preparation period, setbacks, language requirements, economical and living issues and everything about auditions, agents and future job contracts.

It has amazing interviews and a glossary with the main words, phrases and expressions concerning the opera life in this German-speaking world.

The book had another edition as far as I know in 2010 – the one I have – and the author admits a lot has changed. However it is already a wonderful auxiliary document once many informations are really interesting and useful.

Take a look if you can, learn and prepare yourself properly if you’d like to work in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

by Marina Pacheco

[Photo: book cover]