“You’re never fully dressed without a smile” is a quote from Annie. This movie whose version from 1982 was part of my childhood presented me this quote which is since then my motto of life.

Since the first time I saw it I fell in love with the story and the music and so it became one of my favorite musicals ever. Yes, I do love musicals.

Sometimes I think I got stuck in some period of my childhood once I get emotional remembering some movies or some episodes from my own life from that period. I also had as a kid some musical experiences then that drive me to these sensitive memories. Drop by drop… step by step… represents one of those moments.

And so I took this motto of life every single day with me and try to remember it even in my less good days. My career as an Opera Singer is not only fireworks and good things… It is demanding, stressful and sometimes unfair… But here I am with my Smile willing that everything goes well.


“It’s what you wear from ear to ear,
And not from head to toe,
That matters.” | Movie Annie 1982

by Marina Pacheco

[Photo: Krystallenia Photography]