I refuse to deal with envy, to covet others. I refuse to focus in a feeling which, beyond not allowing me to evolve as a human being, makes me be focused on my next with a disloyal principle of copying or stealing identity’s characteristics. A desire to live someone’s destiny. It’s hard to see that feeling in someone’s eyes and feel that the human being gets often carried away, promoting uncomfortable situations and unnecessary comparison with others which leads to disloyal behavior.

What matters willing to be better than the other? What matters overcoming his/her achievements? I don’t want to lose myself: I don’t want to forget what characterizes me; I don’t want to become a product of something idealized in my head based in a feeling as envy.

Each one’s path has a purpose. Options, goals and dreams are result of a personality that has been stoned since birthday. How to envy that? How come to try to have something we will never feel ours even after reaching it?

We may seek our essence, understand our path, fight for our dreams and love our existence and who we are, exactly as we are.

by Marina Pacheco

[Photo: Krystallenia Photography]