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Marina Pacheco & Olga Amaro ENG

Marina Pacheco & Olga Amaro

Marina Pacheco & Olga Amaro (soprano & piano) started their project in 2011, premiering on the 1st October - World Music Day - in Ponte de Lima. During that year the duo performed in different venues around Portugal and was awarded at Concurso de Canto Lírico da Fundação Rotária Portuguesa - Ms. Pacheco got the 2nd Prize and Prize Best Interpretation of Portuguese Song and Ms. Amaro got Prize Best Accompanist Pianist. They were invited to perform in many Festivals and to create different thematic concerts as "Trip to Buenos Aires", “Love Letters”, “Dream in Concert”, “Canções de Lemúria” or, more recently, “SILHOUETTES”.

In 2012, they begun their international path at Festival de Música de Besalú and at Festival de Música de Tossa de Mar, both in Spain. The year after they launched their first album called “Canções de Lemúria”. In 2016/ 2017, the duo celebrated their 5th Anniversary with a tour around Europe, South Africa and South America, with the support of Fundação GDA. The success at Festival de Música CiMa in Colombia made them being invited to return in 2018.

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The imagination carry us to an Europe between wars. The woman is the main character: a new status and new liberties rule the feminism concept of the age.

Emancipation and irreverence take the woman to parties, where she shows her skin, uses carmine and falls in love with no fear. 

Consequently, she matures: she experiences the lost and the nostalgia; she embraces irony and sarcasm; and life's mystery places her at the center of her own universe, electrifying! She faces her figure with strangeness, after walking through a path of emotional construction and deconstruction.




 Teaser (2017, November):

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"Silently into the night I go, / Into the starry night of heavenly blue; / What matters where the road may lead / If I but come again at last to you! / Silently, I come to you!" - C. EDWARDS

Love can be expressed in different ways: music is one of them. Marina Pacheco & Olga Amaro share their love  for art, the stage and its inherent sublimity. Thus arrose Love Letters: the letters everyone read or write; the letters that make someone smile and dream; the  letters that mark moments... The letters we keep forever! Who doesn’t like to receive a love letter?! A concert that leaves a genuine and beautiful message!

 Teaser (2016, November):

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Lemuria’s Songs is an embracing project that aims to promote the Portuguese culture. Four composers were invited to write for Marina Pacheco & Olga Amaro’s cd recording, which gave space to a namesake stage performance.

Eduardo Luís Patriarca, Osvaldo Fernandes, Paulo Ferreira-Lopes and Nuno Jacinto composed works for the duo using texts by Valter Hugo Mãe, Gonçalo M. Tavares, José Luís Peixoto and Paulo José Miranda, respectively. These four names from the Portuguese literature won the Prize José Saramago, being protagonists of major international careers. Alongside these names the composers have a successful career in Portugal and abroad.

With the recording of the CD, a namesake performance happens under the direction of Pedro Lamares, who is also on stage and it has the scenography of the plastic artist Manuela Pimentel.

A special project that makes us reflect about the world and life's ephemerality!

Under a quality premise that has been leading all stakeholders career Lemuria’s Songs aims to be an innovative concept.

 Teaser (2013, October):

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You can only see perfectly with your heart. The essential is invisible to your eyes. - Saint-Exupéry wrote. This is how Trip to Buenos Aires looks to the Argentinian music. Without intending to tell its story, without the delusion of wanting to be there, being here. The show is a musical, poetic and photographic journey through our imagination, taking off from Portugal, with stops in Cape Verde and Brazil.

Destination: Buenos Aires, that could be anywhere inside us. Those places that bring memories we didn’t live at least consciously. We seek the “imminent”. The “suggestion”. The “ellipse” between thinking about going and being already there. The “almost” that we often are and the “nostalgia” we say we are and we don’t even know why.

A show full of colour, intensity and delivery, where the play of lights and images creates a variety of moments that capture the audience’s attention from the beginning until the end.