Viagem a Buenos Aires

You can only see perfectly with your heart. The essential is invisible to your eyes. – Saint-Exupéry wrote. This is how Trip to Buenos Aires looks to the Argentinian music. Without intending to tell its story, without the delusion of wanting to be there, being here. The show is a musical, poetic and photographic journey through our imagination, taking off from Portugal, with stops in Cape Verde and Brazil.

Destination: Buenos Aires, that could be anywhere inside us. Those places that bring memories we didn’t live at least consciously. We seek the “imminent”. The “suggestion”. The “ellipse” between thinking about going and being already there. The “almost” that we often are and the “nostalgia” we say we are and we don’t even know why.

by Pedro Lamares


@Carlos Matos Photography

“Viagem a Buenos Aires” was premiered in Ponte de Lima, Portugal. It is a show full of colour, intensity and delivery, where the play of lights and images creates a variety of moments that capture the audience’s attention from the beginning until the end.