“The first highlight was led by the soprano Marina Pacheco with Juliet’s aria from Gounod’s “Romeo and Juliet”. She was acclaimed by the audience two more times, having the opportunity to show her talent as an actress, beyond the nice voice, which she dominates with a young and elegant lightness even in the most difficult transitions.  (…) it excited the audience for long lasting ovations that both the singer and the orchestra honestly deserved.”

Jan-Lucas Schmitt | Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung | January 2015

“Likewise was expected the smile of the opera and oratorio Portuguese singer Marina Pacheco (…). “You’re never fully dressed without a smile”, says the young Portuguese. And that was what she received, as well as many and thunderous applauses after her performance of Olympia’s aria from “The Tales of Hoffmann” by Offenbach. With studied and lively lightness Pacheco sang the coloratura aria and impressed the audience. “I loved “La Belle Hélène” by Offenbach and the arias with this wonderful young soprano (…).””

Carmen Busch | Mitteldeutsch Zeitung | January 2015

“Not fell short of the orchestral events and so much revelation the entrance of the young Portuguese Marina Pacheco, who knew how to delight the audience with her soprano voice placement. An aria from “Romeo and Juliet” by Charles Gounod increased the tension that went to the first highlight of the night with the famous aria of the mechanical doll Olympia from “The Tales of Hoffmann” by Offenbach. What has been sung with the orchestra under the direction of the conductor Marc Tardue at Volkshaus stage was the best of the musical theatre with a perfect virtuosity till the highest note of the soprano’s voice.”

Hans Lehmann | Ostthüringer Zeitung | January 2015

“Marina was an expressive Paride throughout the performance, in a role vocally demanding. Her soprano voice is beautiful and keeps the quality in all registers. In the only aria I knew, O del mio dolce ardor, the declaration of love to Helena was excellent.”

Fanáticos da Ópera Blog (about Paris and Helena by W. C. Gluck) | September 2012 

“(…)The demanding role of Paris was delivered to the young soprano Marina Pacheco, who exhibited beyond remarkable musicality, unusual confident and solid technique, justifying the applause, not so much for nice physical presence, but also for the vocal ductility (…)”

Manuel Pedro Ferreira | Gosto e Desgosto” Jornal Público (about Paris and Helena by W. C. Gluck) | September 2012 

“Marina Pacheco – one of the most acclaimed sopranos in the country.”

O Interior | January 2010

“This young singer, acclaimed as a new talent of the operatic singing in Portugal, reaffirms her promising career winning this important prize.”  (about the Prize at Terzo Concorso Internazionale di Canto Lirico Luciano Neroni/ Italy) | October 2009 

“(…) she gave us the conviction of a talent that only the natural consummation of the maturity prepares the predictable consecration. Marina Pacheco has already the determined pitch, the loveliness and the flame as key ingredients. Time will be charged to polish the diamond that already appears (…) Marina Pacheco, we can not loose her sight.”

Simões Netto | O Primeiro de Janeiro | May 2006

“Marina had a brilliant performance in the interpretation of her song called “Esta é uma canção de embalar”, which deserved expressions of appreciation from other authors…”

Jornal da Maia (about the participation at Zecchino D’oro Children Competition Italy) | June 1994 



(…) You will have huge success with such a voice which enchants everyone, a smile  that hypnotizes and a natural sympathy.” 

João Vieira Soares | Facebook Official Page | February 2018

Tender voice, confidence, calm posture, smily face… my soul rises to another plateau when I listen to you!” 

Fátima Ramos | Facebook Official Page | January 2018

A beautiful voice!” 

José Alberto Pedro | Facebook Official Page | December 2017

A beautiful girl, very determined and self confident about her goals, the ones already achieved and the ones still to conquer.. A great Portuguese opera singer.” 

Maria Morais | Facebook Official Page | December 2017

Great performer!”

Otília Martins | Facebook Official Page | November 2017

Exquisite scenic posture!” 

Miguel Calado | Facebook Official Page | November 2017

“One of the best concerts I’ve seen lately. I loved the staging, which led us to modernism; I loved the sonority, the connection  between piano and voice, the quality of the chosen repertoire; I loved listening to Poulenc and Satie and Kurt Weill… but above all I loved you, the way you both performed, the way you caught our attention with everything; I loved the theatricality and the interpretation which made me – even without understanding German, not really well English and French – understand everything that was going on. (…) Marina you got into the music and each song being expressive with the naturalness one has when was born with that.”

Xurxo Varela (about SILHOUETTES) | Facebook Official Page | November 2017

“Keep going with that strength, claw and all energy and passion for you work. You are a pit full of charm and talent. A huge and honest BRAVO dear Marina and Olga. Grateful for your performance which I feel honored to have seen and applauded in that huge audience. Congrats!”

Elsa. P. Bandeira (about SILHOUETTES) | Facebook Official Page | November 2017

“An enormous applause! It was a performance with lots of ingredients and in big quantities: quality, intelligence, sensitivity, beauty, competence, talent, professionalism. (..) I’m really proud that Portugal has wonderful artists like you.”

Filomena Santos (about SILHOUETTES) | Facebook Official Page | November 2017

An inspiration!” 

Carla Quelhas | Facebook Official Page | December 2016

Sweetness, beauty, light and professionalism.

Marisa Taveira | Facebook Official Page | December 2016

“One can speak about the inexpressible talent, the immense freshness and the luminosity her presence radiates.. the incredible vocal capacity, the surprising versatility, the exigence and meticulousness she uses to face her job, the intelligence, the vivacity, … All this is true!”

Carlos Alberto Augusto | | September 2016

Talented, hard worker, humble!

Paulo Ferreira | Facebook Official Page | January 2016

“Simply wonderful!”

José Valle de Figueiredo | Facebook fan page | February 2013

“A delightful, lovely singing!”

Tom Krause | Facebook fan page | January 2013

“More than an excellent singer, a personality! What a smile and charisma!”

Jorge Castro | Facebook fan page | October 2012

“Beautiful! Talented! Humble!”

Nina Aires Pereira | Facebook fan page | September 2012

“The most fair recognition of a huge talent!”

António Carlos Matos | Facebook fan page | September 2012 (about PJM)

“The young Marina Pacheco is an authentic stage animal!”

Helena Araújo | Blog 2 dedos de conversa | July 2012

“An innate talent for the stage”

Norma Graça-Silvestre | Brazilian director | March 2011

“Marina is a singer (…) that now belongs to my idols’ list, because of her personality, her strength of life and her wonderful voice (…) an example that proves nothing is impossible if we get involved and work thinking about what we want…”

Ivo Santos | youtube,official page | February 2011

“Phenomenal. A beautiful example of class and true music lovers.”

Ricardo Rebelo da Silva | Facebook fan page | January 2011

“On the same day the television showed us the joy of José Mourinho’s victory in football’s world, the program 30 minutos by RTP1 gave voice to a teacher of a young Portuguese, Marina Pacheco, who studies Bel Canto abroad, giving her very rare compliments.”

Luís Carvalho Lima | and newspaper Sol | January 2011

“(…) Nobody remains indifferent (…)”

João Xavier Coimbra | Facebook Fan Page | January 2011

“A beautiful voice, very well trained that fits the style of what she sings (…) Marina had the gift to enchant me only through an interview. Besides the talent and the unique voice she also has the beauty on her side”

Pedro Santos | Facebook Fan Page | January 2011

“Such strength! An example!”

Vera Roquette | Facebook Fan Page | January 2011

“Great demonstration of character and attitude, commitment and dedication”

José Ricardo Freitas | Facebook fan page | January 2011

“A pride and an inspiration!”

Paulo Ferreira | Facebook fan page | January 2011

“So much talent that the words miss”

Maria Margarida Cascarejo, in Facebook Fan Page, December 2010

“(…) i always feel touched with such brilliance in her voice (…)”

Maria Manuela Sanches | CD release’s honor book | November 2010

“The beauty is total. We are enchanted”

Carlos Silva and Maria José |  CD release’s honor book | November 2010

“Marina is not only voice, is body, is soul and lots of light”

Beatriz Pereira |  CD release’s honor book | November 2010

“… after the pride that José Mourinho made us feel, it is worth to remember other reasons that make us proud of Being and of the Art of what We Are and what We Are Able to!”

A Nossa Candeia blog | January 2010